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Mainus Construction builds the best storage sheds in Milwaukee. We custom design and build completely unique sheds, limited only by your imagination. We’ll deliver your storage shed pre-built to any architectural style, for any function, with any additions you want. We have built everything from traditional storage sheds to racing pigeon lofts. You will have a fully customized shed when it leaves our shop. From custom shelves to electric lights and a working bathroom – you dream, we deliver.

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We build and deliver small sheds and large sheds in WI & IL. Sizes run from 8x10 all the way to 12x20, truck-delivered and installed in 1-2 hours.

Gable Roof Sheds


Backyard Storage Sheds Built to Match Your Home

Classic gable roof storage sheds mirror the most common architectural style found in Wisconsin homes. This similarity makes our gable roof backyard sheds perfect for placement right alongside your house. Your garden storage shed will look like a small addition to your house with a matching gable roof. Mainus Construction can customize your outdoor shed’s height, roof slope, shingles, overhang and colors flawlessly matching any look and function imaginable. What will you keep in your Mainus Construction shed?




Saltbox Sheds (Quaker Sheds)

Timeless Quaker Style Storage Sheds

Quaker garden sheds radiate a distinct rustic Quaker style while serving as convenient and functional storage for your outdoor equipment. These attractive garden sheds feature roofs with offset peaks and low reaching rear edges. Mainus Construction delivers a full range of customization options, building anything from a simple utility shed to a beautiful pool house.



barn roof

Barn Roof Sheds

Outdoor Storage Shed Gambrel Roofing for High Loft Capacity

Barn style storage sheds feature wide gambrel roofs to get the most loft space for your dollar. Barn roof sheds from Mainus construction are available in any size from 8x8 to 12x20, functioning as versatile outbuildings for your home or farm.

We will completely customize any barn at your request, adding everything from insulation and plumbing to shelves and lighting. You won’t have to call a second company to get something installed on your shed. Mainus Construction has you covered with every aspect of your storage shed needs.

Specialty Shed Options in Wisconsin

10x12 Gable shed Menomonee Falls WIControl the appearance of your shed from the highest shingle down to the earth anchor. Beyond the main barn roof, saltbox, and gable roof storage sheds, there are many features which can be added to your new shed, including:

  • Additional doors
  • Colored shingles
  • Earth anchors
  • Electrical outlets and lighting
  • Plumbing
  • Ramps
  • Roll up doors
  • Shelving
  • Siding

With Mainus Construction, you can receive a fully custom shed based on your exact specifications. No matter how you plan to use your shed, our custom features will make it perfectly suited to your needs.

/Content/files/UploadedPhotos/2016-08-07/11-08-14 PM/14x24Raymondshedwithsteeperpitchroof.JPGExtra Large Storage Sheds

We offer large and oversized custom sheds to our customers. Sheds measuring more than 12x20 are no problem for our expert team of builders.

You can order an extra-large shed, even if your location is too tight to truck it in whole. Mainus Construction will bring all the materials and build on-site.

Once construction or delivery is complete, we will shim the shed for perfect leveling.

Milwaukee’s Best Shed Moving

Sheds do not have to be permanently assigned to a certain part of your yard or lot.

There are two main methods used by Mainus Construction for storage shed moving:

Shed Mule

Truck and Hydraulic Trailer

  • Specialized hydraulic lift similar to a forklift
  • Ideal for short distances
  • Fits into tight spaces – as little as one foot on either side of your shed
  • Can be used in combination with a truck and hydraulic trailer
  • Shed is lifted high onto hydraulic lift
  • Secured to trailer to prevent moving damage
  • Truck provides greater towing power to move shed
  • Ideal for longer travel distances
  • Can be used in combination with shed mule

Moving a Custom Storage Shed

Once your storage shed is in place, our team will check over the windows and doors to ensure they work. After the inspection, your shed will be ready to use once again.

You do not have to have a Mainus Construction shed to use our shed moving service. We have moved sheds from one side of a yard to the other while others have traveled across Wisconsin and Illinois to their new destinations. 

Contact the Milwaukee shed builders at Mainus Construction for spacious and reliable equipment storage.

Wisconsin Shed Delivery Video:

LP Building Products for Milwaukee shed siding

Building Supplies from LP

LP 5/50 Year Warranty

Mainus Construction builds storage sheds using LP Smart Panel Siding and LP Smart Trim boards for outstanding weather protection. LP Smart products are guaranteed to last through rain, ice and sunlight with a 5/50 year warranty. Learn why these innovative engineered wood products make Mainus sheds the most reliable outdoor storage in Wisconsin...   LP Building Products SmartSide Warranty

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