Waukesha County Custom Storage Sheds

Home Storage Sheds from Mainus Construction

If you need a built-to-order storage shed in Waukesha, Mainus Construction’s got you covered. We’re a family business that delivers pre-built custom yard storage sheds anywhere in the Waukesha County--or if you're yard is hard to access, we'll built your perfect shed on-site. Whether you're looking to improve property value, store your yard maintenance equipment in a more accesible place than behind your car, or build a playhouse for your young ones, we guarantee you'll get what you're looking for (and more!) with Mainus Construction.

Mainus Construction is a storage shed construction company based in Waterford: so we know how harsh Wisconsin weather is. We only use top-quality materials for our sheds and shed accesories because we want our products to stand the test of time. 

Multi-Purpose Storage Shed Builders in Waukesha

Mainus construction has the durable equipment and years of experience to design and deliver fully customized sheds to meet your needs. We’ll create a shed to fit in with your property, or stand out to create a focal point for your yard. Check out our gallery below for inspiration or tell us exactly what you want – we’ll get it done right.

Shed templates we offer include:

  • Gable Roof Sheds : our most popular storage shed style! These sheds can be customized to look identical to your home so it doesn't look out of place in your yard.
  • Quaker-style Sheds: these unique sheds add a touch of personality to your yard with their extremely angled roofs, but can still be customized to match your home.
  • Barn Roof Sheds: Durable sheds with traditional barn shaped roofs add a quaint touch to any homes aesthetic--adding resale value, personality, and space to any home!

The Mainus durability guarantee is offered at affordable rates for every home owner looking to invest in their property. We don’t buy and re-sell prebuilt sheds: Mainus Construction is dedicated to designing, building, and delivering your dream shed ourselves, cutting down costs for you.

Shed Repair & Relocation

Our shed services don’t stop when we drop off your investment. Our team specializes in storage shed repair services from replacing worn hinges to fixing storm damage to roofs and siding.

If you’re not satisfied with your sheds current location, Mainus Construction has the equipment to move your shed anywhere from a few feet to all the way across Waukesha County. Our services are geared towards your satisfaction: call us with questions about what we can do for you.

Waukesha County Sheds We've Delivered

Contact Waukesha’s best custom shed builders at Mainus Construction! 
LP Building Products for Milwaukee shed siding

Building Supplies from LP

LP 5/50 Year Warranty

Mainus Construction builds storage sheds using LP Smart Panel Siding and LP Smart Trim boards for outstanding weather protection. LP Smart products are guaranteed to last through rain, ice and sunlight with a 5/50 year warranty. Learn why these innovative engineered wood products make Mainus sheds the most reliable outdoor storage in Wisconsin...   LP Building Products SmartSide Warranty

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