Custom Storage Sheds in Milwaukee

Affordable & Unique Sheds Built from Sturdy Materials

Mainus Construction builds and delivers custom storage sheds in Milwaukee and surrounding areas.

We have three main storage shed styles for you to choose from. Each can be modified and customized to fit your own unique needs. Our shed styles include:

Gable Roof Sheds

The most popular storage shed style crafted by Mainus Construction is the gable roof. Most of our customers order the 10x12 size shed. These sheds can be customized to look nearly identical to your home to keep your style consistent. You get to choose the type of door, color of siding and shingles, and exactly where you want it placed in your yard.

Quaker Style Sheds

Our custom built Quaker style sheds are a great solution for residents who want to add some extra space to their Milwaukee property. With one half of the roof having a more extreme angle than the other, Quaker and saltbox roof style sheds feel unique and can add a touch of personality to any backyard in Milwaukee.

Barn Roof Sheds

Mainus Construction will deliver a custom built barn roof style shed right to your home. All of our sheds are designed to meet your exact specifications. Don’t waste your money on unreliable, factory-made plastic storage sheds – invest in the best quality homemade, custom built barn roof storage sheds from Mainus Construction!

Multi-Purpose Sheds

Whether you will be using your shed as a garden storage unit, a playhouse, a workshop, a pool house, a barbeque shack, a mancave, or even a chicken coop, Mainus Construction will build your shed however you’d like. Our custom built sheds are always delivered on time and installed quickly in Milwaukee. Even if you want a storage shed with a specific door, window, or electrical feature, we have you covered.

All sheds from Mainus Construction are built with LP Smart Trim and Smart Panel products. These materials are proven to withstand harsh Wisconsin weather and are incredibly low maintenance. Your shed will look great all year.

Milwaukee County Sheds We've Delivered

Additional Shed Services from Mainus Construction

Mainus Construction does more than just build and deliver beautiful custom storage sheds. We also offer shed repair and storage shed moving services. Our shed repair services include relatively minor work like worn hinge replacement, to more extensive work like roof repair due to storm or fallen tree damage. We also have the equipment to make shed moving a breeze. Whether you need it all the way across town or just on the other side of your yard, we can get it where you need it to go.

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LP Building Products for Milwaukee shed siding

Building Supplies from LP

LP 5/50 Year Warranty

Mainus Construction builds storage sheds using LP Smart Panel Siding and LP Smart Trim boards for outstanding weather protection. LP Smart products are guaranteed to last through rain, ice and sunlight with a 5/50 year warranty. Learn why these innovative engineered wood products make Mainus sheds the most reliable outdoor storage in Wisconsin...   LP Building Products SmartSide Warranty

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